Welcome! I'm Leah!

Nice to meet you! My name is Leah, and I’m a Pinterest marketer.

I’ve been using Pinterest for years. At first, I used it as a just for fun — I can very clearly remember being in my early teens and saving hundreds of inspiring quotes and finding cute crafts I wanted to make at home!

When my best friend and I decided to start a blog during our freshman year of high school (YES — freshman year!) that’s when I discovered the power of Pinterest marketing. My absolute favorite part of running that small blog was sharing the posts on Pinterest. I loved designing pins, learning more about the algorithm, and watching our stats go up. And although we were little freshmen, we had our first viral pin that brought in thousands of link clicks in just one month! I quickly fell in love with Pinterest and loved learning more about how to use it and reach more people on the platform.

Leah Marie

(Besides Pinterest, of course 🙂 ) some of my favorite things are traveling (the picture above is from the Grand Canyon and the picture below is from Hawaii!), my sweet dogs Tizzy and Gracie, being with my family and friends, campfires, summer drives, and Oreo ice cream! I currently live on the East Coast and am a full-time student.  

To this day, Pinterest marketing is one of my favorite things. I find it so fun! I love learning about the platform and experimenting, and the “wins” are so motivating!

Since I’ve started Pinterest marketing, I’ve seen incredible results like:

  • Getting ONE MILLION+ impressions (and THOUSANDS of clicks) on a SINGLE pin
  • Driving thousands of readers (per month) to a blog
  • Gaining about 10,000 followers in just one year
  • Ranking multiple pins for different keywords (including competitive ones)
  • Getting collaboration and brand deal offers
  • Making the 3-sale threshold for Amazon Affiliates on the first try
  • Getting 10,000+ saves on a SINGLE pin

After seeing these results, I decided to start my blog, Leah Marie Marketing, to share everything I know about Pinterest to hopefully help others see results like this. 

I have seen that success on Pinterest IS possible, and my hope is that my website will give you some of the knowledge and confidence to help you see success too!