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Pinterest Courses

These are Pinterest courses that I have both taken and recommend to others.

  • Pinteresting Strategies – This is an incredible and effective guide to manual pinning on Pinterest. Carly Campbell, the author, gets 150,000+ pageviews per MONTH to her blog from Pinterest! In the course, Carly shows you everything you need to do to have a successful Pinterest account, and many of her teachings are based on her research and findings! (Read my full review here and get a coupon code!)

  • Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks – This e-book is also by Carly Campbell, and although it claims to be for bloggers, I’d argue that most Pinterest marketers will get a lot out of this course. This is a small, affordable, and game-changing course that shows you how to improve your pin titles to get more clicks, engagements, and conversions!

Pinterest Tools and Memberships

Here are some useful tools that can help you with your Pinterest marketing.

  • Tailwind – This is a Pinterest scheduling platform that will also provide you insightful analytics to your Pinterest account. Some Pinterest marketers will use this to schedule their pins and find it to be a huge time-saver.

  • Pin Inspector – This is an all-in-one Pinterest research software! This innovative software can help you find out SO much valuable information about Pinterest keywords, your Pinterest competitors, your own content, and more!

  • Canva – Canva is one of my all-time favorite tools, and I use it to design all of my pins. Even with a free account (which I currently use), you have access to numerous tools and elements that will help to you design pins nearly any way you want.


Here are some useful tools that can help you with your Pinterest marketing.

  • MailerLite – I use MailerLite for my email list and all of my email opt-ins. It has been working great and so far does everything I need it to. Plus, it’s insanely easy to navigate and learn. I’d highly recommend this for all beginners.
  • Stupid Simple SEO – Relying on one traffic source is never a good idea. I focus on Pinterest and SEO for traffic. I thought SEO would be so hard, but this course (seriously!) makes it so simple. And let me tell you, I have been seeing GREAT results with SEO, and I learned it all from this popular course.
  • Astra – My current blog theme is from Astra! I am using a free theme template, which I would absolutely recommend for blogging beginners who are on a tight budget. All you have to do is adjust it to your liking!
  • A Self Guru Legal Templates – Legal pages are so important for keeping your business protected and are absolutely something you should look into as your business grows. I love these legal templates because they cover everything and you can fully customize them for you and your site in just MINUTES!

Resources from Pinterest

Here are some great resources from Pinterest that will help you learn more about the platform.

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