EMAIL: Interesting observations, Pinterest 3.0, & more

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Yesterday I was scrolling on Pinterest and noticed something really odd. 

I didn’t see one Idea Pin. Not in search results and not in my home feed.

That was just one account. I could see them in the home feed on another account. But still, it was notable.

However, even when I switched accounts, Idea Pins were not showing up nearly as much in search results that used to be flooded with them. 

Search queries that I often use to check these things are “chicken recipes,” “pasta recipes,” and “travel destinations.” (I try to use the same search queries so I can see how the search results evolve over time.)

This seems to prove it: Standard Pins are back — and I’m excited.

(Now, if you create Idea Pins, I don’t think Idea Pins are done or going anywhere. If Pinterest was done with Idea Pins, I don’t think they would still be investing in them (ex. expanding the Idea Pin music library). The Watch Tab, which resembles TikTok and was likely created to enhance user engagement and time on the platform, is basically a hub of Idea Pins too, and I would be surprised if this feature went away any time soon.)

Pinterest 3.0

It seems like Pinterest is shifting once again, and the distribution of pins is clearly changing. One Pinterest marketer, Jana O. Media, is calling this era “Pinterest 3.0.”

She has a very interesting article detailing that this next era of Pinterest will likely bring 3 main changes:

(1) Standard Pins will be in the spotlight again (and Pinterest sort of confirmed this, which Jana shows in this post), (2) Saves and clicks will be even more important, and (3) Idea Pins will get links (confirmed by Pinterest).

So it looks like, once again, we have some things to adapt to looking forward to 2023, but I’m actually really excited for this because I think it will benefit both creators and users.

Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest has released its 2023 Pinterest Predicts report. I always suggest downloading the PDF version because it is easier to digest.

(You can do that here!)

If I’m being honest, as a Pinterest marketer, I don’t think I have ever really paid attention to Pinterest Predicts. I have always found them a bit abstract, but it can still be interesting to look at. It might give you some content ideas too.

Time to get creative

With the rise of Standard Pins again, it’s time to get creative on how we use them to market our business.

I fully believe that Standard Pins can be transformative for businesses. The ability to include outbound links is GOLD, and pinners love this original pin format.

Standard Pins can be used for far more than just promoting blog posts. 

There are so many different ways to use Standard Pins.

I’m hoping to breakdown some of these ways in an email soon.

Talk to you soon,

Leah Marie