20+ Call To Actions To Help Grow Your Business On Pinterest

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If you’ve done any sort of marketing before, you may have heard of the term “Call to Action.”

Using Call to Actions can be great a marketing technique because it can often lead to more engagement with your content.

And guess what…you can use them for Pinterest marketing too!

Call to Actions can be a great way to grow your Pinterest, so this post is going to share some great Call to Action ideas (and even where and how to use them)!

Let’s dive in.

What is a Call to Action?

Call to Actions (also called CTAs) essentially encourage other users to take action.

For example, it could encourage other users to:

  • Follow you
  • Share your pin
  • Save your pin
  • Repin your pin
  • Comment
  • Follow you on another social media site
  • Engage with a pin
  • Visit your profile
  • Click the link on your pin
  • Etc.

By having these little CTAs, users can be reminded to engage with your content or find your content elsewhere (like Instagram, YouTube, or a blog), which can really help you to grow your blog or business on Pinterest!

Why should you use CTAs on Pinterest

Call to Actions can be extremely beneficial for Pinterest marketing.

As noted above, CTAs can help to encourage users to interact and engage with your content on Pinterest.

Besides the helpful engagement it provides you, this engagement does another really great thing…

It helps you in the Pinterest algorithm.

Engagements (of nearly any kind) are large factors in the Pinterest algorithm that help Pinterest to distribute and rank your pins.

When users engage with your pins, this essentially signals to Pinterest that your pins are good, high-quality, and worth others seeing!

Thus, when you get more engagements and have a high engagement rate, Pinterest is more likely to share your content to even more users.

That’s great, right?

Don’t just focus on CTAs…

Call to Actions can be great. They can encourage many users to take action.

However, I think there’s one thing that’s even more important than a good Call to Action: pin titles.

Think of it this way:

You need to get users to FIRST click on your pin BEFORE they see the Call to Action and take action.

Even with a good CTA, that won’t do much if users aren’t clicking on your pins.

So, don’t overlook this.

How to create pin titles that get clicks

This course absolutely changed my pin title game.

Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks is a course that I fully believe can help ANYONE get more engagement on Pinterest.

This course is taught by Carly Campbell from Mommy On Purpose, who uses Pinterest to consistently drive 150,000+ PAGEVIEWS to her blog each month! (She even has an entire course on how she does this, which I absolutely loved!)

If you’re looking to improve your pin titles, I’d suggest getting this affordable course.

(Seriously, you can’t beat the price for all of the value you get!)

If you’re interested in learning more about or purchasing the course, you can find it here!

Pinterest Call to Action ideas

Here’s a list of some (customizable) Call to Action ideas you can try on your Pinterest pins!

  1. Get this FREE … now!
  2. Click here for the best tips!
  3. Share this with someone who needs to hear this!
  4. Follow for more content like this!
  5. Get all of my secrets now!
  6. Get more sales today!
  7. Your bank account will thank you!
  8. Get this easy checklist/cheat-sheet right now!
  9. Save this for later!
  10. Click on the link in my bio for more information!
  11. You can’t go wrong with …!
  12. Learn how to … (the easy way)!
  13. Change your life with these … tips!
  14. Find more of my content on Instagram!
  15. Subscribe to my YouTube channel!
  16. Do … faster than ever!
  17. Start … today!
  18. Comment your favorite …!
  19. Tag a friend who loves …!
  20. Subscribe and get instant access to …!
  21. Follow for more tips!
  22. Join the challenge here!
  23. You NEED to hear this today!
  24. Read more on my blog!
  25. Shop now!

Where to put CTAs

On Pinterest, there are many places where you can put Call to Actions.

Here are some great places where you can include them:

  1. Idea pins. Idea Pins can’t be linked to URLs, so inspire your audience to take action! Remember, the more they take action, the more they will see your pins in their feed! You can also include CTAs on other pin types, but make sure they actually work well for that pin type. (Note: I don’t recommend Idea Pins for everyone. I explain more in this post.)
  2. Pin descriptions
  3. Pinterest pin images. (But, be careful not to make it the focal point! The stand-out part of the pin should be the title.)
  4. Your Pinterest account bio.

Should you put CTAs on every single pin?

This is totally up to you.

CTAs can work great, and the more you call users to take action, the more they will hopefully take action.

Just be careful not to be too salesy…you don’t want to turn users or followers away!

CTAs that you should NOT use on Pinterest

Yes, CTAs can be great, but are there some that you just shouldn’t use?

Actually, yes!

Specifically, you should not use time-sensitive Call to Actions.

For instance, a CTA such as “The sale ends today!” would NOT work well on Pinterest because…

  1. It can take a while for Pinterest to index and distribute your pins. It can take MONTHS for Pinterest to index your pins and search results or distribute it so a significant amount of users. There’s a good chance that a sale like that could have ended by then!
  2. Pinterest pins last forever. So, if your pin resurfaces and goes viral a year from then, that sale is going to be LONG gone, so that could be misleading to users!

Here are some other examples of time-sensitive CTAs that you should NOT use:

  • There are only 5 spots left!
  • Claim your free … before …!
  • There are only 10 days left!
  • Get this crazy deal before it runs out!


Hopefully this post has shown you the benefits of using Call to Actions on your pins and even given you some great ideas!

Do you have any other CTA ideas? If so, let me know in the comments below!

If you want more valuable Pinterest information so you can skyrocket your success, read more on my blog or join my email list (I provide some of my MOST VALUABLE INFORMATION to my email list!)

I hope to see you around again soon. Thanks for reading!

Leah Marie


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