Pinteresting Strategies Course Review 2023 (+ Coupon Code)

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If you’ve been wanting to learn more about Pinterest marketing, then you may have heard about Pinteresting Strategies — a wildly popular Pinterest course that so many bloggers and Pinterest marketers have seen amazing results with!

I think that Pinteresting Strategies is one of the most popular courses in the blogging and online business world.

This post is going to break down the entire course to help you decide whether or not it’s worth purchasing for yourself! I’ll share a complete overview of the course, pros and cons, my personal experience, and even a coupon code!

Let’s dive in.

Please note: Pinterest is always changing, and while I try my best to update my posts, not all information may be up to date. If you’re looking too see the most updated tips, strategies, and information, check out this resource page.

What is Pinteresting Strategies?

Pinteresting Strategies is a well-known Pinterest course that teaches others how to see results with Pinterest using a manual pinning strategy. Manual pinning is when you upload and publish your pins right in Pinterest, meaning that you do not need to use or purchase third-party scheduling tools, such as Tailwind, to follow the strategies in the course (which will save you some money!).

As of late 2021, Pinteresting Strategies is no longer a stand-alone course. It is now part of the Pinteresting Strategies bundle!

The Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 Training Bundle also includes the following products (in addition to the Pinteresting Strategies legacy course):

  1. Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks – This product is absolutely incredible, and I always recommend it to my audience! This ebook will teach you how to create SCROLL-STOPPING pin titles that CONVERT. In this ebook, Carly teaches you how to easily change up your pin titles to significantly increase conversions such as traffic, sales, and more. These tips are SO valuable and can be implemented in just a few minutes. Don’t underestimate the power of pin titles! (Can also be purchased individually for $27 here.)
  1. Pin Design Rules To Break – This product is an in-depth ebook that will share with you some pin design rules that are holding you back! Learn how to improve your pin designs on Pinterest in order to see better Pinterest results. (Can also be purchased individually for $27 here.)
  1. Pinterest Niche Site Deep Dive 2021 – This product is an extremely in-depth training on how Carly recently grew her new niche site up to 30,000 monthly pageviews using Pinterest! Carly goes through every single she did to see these results on Pinterest to help others see the same results too. If you’re skeptical that Pinterest still works in 2022, this deep dive will change your mind! (Can also be purchased individually for $37 here.)
  1. Do you get long clicks? Training Video – This is a training is from Carly’s Pinterest Mastermind Facebook group. In this training, Carly will teach you about the importance of long clicks and how they can help you to see better results on Pinterest. (Not available for individual purchase.)

The entire bundle costs just $97 (with a value of $173).

<<Use the code PINNING5 to get $5 off of your purchase! Click here to get the bundle!>>

Who is Carly Campbell?

Carly Campbell (from Mommy On Purpose) is the creator of Pinteresting Strategies. She has been using Pinterest for years to get traffic to her blog and has seen incredible results on the platform!

With Pinterest, Carly has been able to consistently drive over 100,00 monthly pageviews to her blog each month (enough to apply for premium ad networks like Mediavine and AdThrive!), and has been able to grow a brand new niche site to over 30,000 pageviews in one month in 2021, which she explains in detail in her Niche Site Deep Dive — one of the products included in the bundle.

On top of that, Carly has helped many bloggers and Pinterest marketers see amazing results on Pinterest with Pinteresting Strategies. If you want to read some testimonials from others, be sure to check out the sales page!

Carly has a lot of experience with Pinterest marketing and clearly knows what she’s talking about! When creating the course, Carly did so much research into exactly how the Pinterest algorithm works. There were so many amazing things talked about in her course that I had never heard other Pinterest marketers talk about, but Carly’s course is rooted in facts and data.

Who is Pinteresting Strategies for?

Who will most benefit from Pinteresting Strategies? It’s important to note that Carly uses Pinterest to primarily drive traffic to her blog, so a lot of what she talks about and recommends is tailored to bloggers.

However, I think that Pinteresting Strategies can truly be beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more about Pinterest and how the algorithm works.

Carly’s understanding of the Pinterest algorithm, how Pinterest works, how to do Pinterest SEO, and how to see results is incredible. Whether you’re hoping to sell products, grow an email list, increase blog traffic, grow brand awareness, or more, I truly think you can absolutely use and implement the information in Carly’s course into your strategy to see results.

Do the strategies still work?

Let’s be real — 2021 was a tough year for Pinterest marketers, especially bloggers. Pinterest began shifting its focus towards e-commerce and creators, which consequently hurt some bloggers and other Pinterest marketers.

So, you may be wondering: Can you still see results on Pinterest? Do these strategies still work?

The answer is YES!

Pinteresting Strategies was created a few years ago, BUT it was recently updated and includes updated strategies and advice on Pinterest marketing that Carly still sees results with.

Carly’s Niche Site Deep Dive is also proof that the strategies still work and that there are plenty of results still to be had with Pinterest! (Carly used the exact strategies she teaches in Pinteresting Strategies with a brand new account and was still able to grow it significantly!)

Course outline (modules)

Here is the outline of Pinteresting Strategies:

  1. Welcome: An intro to the course and some additional housekeeping things
  2. First things first: Having a solid base before getting into the Pinterest stuff
  3. Getting Started: How Pinterest Works + Profile Set Up: Understanding how Pinterest works and how to set up your profile and boards for success
  4. Pinterest is About People: Learning how to please Pinterest and pinners to see the best results
  5. Pinterest is About SEO, Too: In depth guides on Pinterest SEO and Pinterest keyword research
  6. Get Pinning: Pinning strategies that work, how to create pins that convert, and how to use the Pinterest algorithm to help you!
  7. Final Important Things and FAQs: Important information you should know about Pinterest and pinning
  8. Bonus content: Free pin templates, invite to the Pinterest Mastermind Facebook group, and a Facebook Live video!

Each module contains multiple lessons that are loaded with valuable information.

Do you HAVE to do manual pinning?

As previously mentioned, Carly’s Pinterest strategy revolves around manual pinning.

But do you have to do manual pinning? Not if you don’t want to.

You can still apply the general principles and information from Pinteresting Strategies into your Pinterest strategy while also scheduling your pins. That it completely up to you! Pinteresting Strategies will also help you to set up a solid Pinterest foundation and understanding of the platform regardless.

Pros and cons

Here are some pros and cons of Pinteresting Strategies:


  • Carly uses lots of video to show you exactly what she’s talking about – One thing I love about Pinteresting Strategies are the videos! Carly includes lots of very in-depth videos of her using Pinterest on her own account to show exactly what she is talking about and to provide evidence of strategies that work. Even if you don’t particularly like video content, I feel that Carly is able to provide so much more value in her videos through her real-life examples, so I think it’s worth it!
  • Carly shows you evidence that strategies work and where she derives her research from – Carly will not just tell you that her strategies work, but she will show you too! The strategies in Pinteresting Strategies are heavily based on actual fact and data from Pinterest, and Carly will often show you exactly where she gets her facts from to prove that they are true.
  • Carly teaches strategies for old accounts AND new accounts – This is one of the reasons that Pinteresting Strategies is such a great course for everyone – Carly will show you the exact strategy that will work best for where you are at in your Pinterest journey!
  • It’s affordable (and it doesn’t require you to make other purchases) – Trust me when I say that Pinteresting Strategies is on the more AFFORDABLE side when it comes to comparing it to other courses. For the amount of value you receive in it, it is very well worth the cost. Plus, this course does not require you to purchase any other softwares or memberships (unlike some other courses), so it’s really just a one-time purchase!


I think the one main con I would say about this course is that there is no personalized support. But it makes sense. Thousands of people have purchased Pinteresting Strategies, so it would be unreasonable to answer everyone’s questions!

However, Carly does have a free Facebook group called Blogging Like We Mean It where you can ask questions, and the active community will usually help you out (and sometimes even Carly)! Plus, there is a Beyond Pinteresting Subscription and Mastermind Facebook group that focuses even more on recent Pinterest updates and experimented strategies. This mastermind and subscription also gives valuable information on creating digital products, Google SEO, and more to help you build your online business.

Overall thoughts: Why I recommend it

I love this course, and I would truly recommend it to anyone.

I first took this course years ago and was captivated by it. It showed Pinterest to me in a whole new light, and after finishing it, I felt like I knew everything I needed to about the platform. (Plus, it completely kick-started my love for Pinterest, hence the reason my blog exists!)

Pinteresting Strategies is not some thrown-together course full of information that you could just find browsing the internet. Carly has put so much work into researching, experimenting, and using the platform to find out what actually works. There is so much information in this course that you wouldn’t find elsewhere, and that is why it is so valuable.

Her proven strategies have helped so many people grow their Pinterest.

This is absolutely my favorite Pinterest course and I believe it’s the most all-in-one, affordable, and community-based Pinterest course out there.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about Pinterest marketing and how to actually see results!

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My results

I have absolutely seen my share of results with Pinteresting Strategies. I’ve used Carly’s tips to grow many Pinterest accounts, and seen results like this:

Plus, this course not only helped me not only to drive traffic, but make some affiliate income and grow my email list along the way!

Is it worth the price?

Is Pinteresting Strategies worth the price? Absolutely.

Not only is Pinteresting Strategies one of the more affordable Pinterest courses, there is SO much value in it that can’t be found elsewhere.

The new bundle also has multiple products, so you’re getting 5 extremely high-quality items for less than $100.

That’s way more “bang for your buck” than the previous price ($57), which only included the legacy Pinteresting Strategies course.

How to purchase Pinteresting Strategies

Want to purchase this incredible course?

You can purchase Pinteresting Strategies here! (And don’t forget to use the code PINNING5 to save $5!)


I hope that this post has given you some clarity on whether or not Pinteresting Strategies is your next buy! If it is, I don’t think you will be disappointed in the slightest.

If you have any questions about this course, I’d be happy to answer them in the comments below!

Remember the code PINNING5 for $5 off your purchase!

If you want more valuable Pinterest information so you can skyrocket your success, read more on my blog or join my email list (I provide some of my MOST VALUABLE INFORMATION to my email list!)

I hope to see you around again soon. Thanks for reading!

Leah Marie


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