IMPORTANT Pinterest Updates And Changes (Updated 2023)

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Like any platform, Pinterest experiences multiple updates, algorithm changes, and new features each year.

As content creators, it’s important to stay on top of these changes to figure out how we can best leverage them to see results on Pinterest.

This post is going to share some notable Pinterest changes in the order they happened, with the most recent being at the top of this post.

I hope to update this post with relevant information when necessary, but, of course, life can catch up to us sometimes. My resource page shares some of the top places I get updated information about Pinterest from, so you can always check those out. (I also like to send in-depth Pinterest updates and tips to my email list, which you can join for free here!)

Let’s dive into some of the Pinterest updates.

This post was last updated on December 19, 2022.

Please note: Pinterest is always changing, and while I try my best to update my posts, not all information may be up to date. If you’re looking too see the most updated tips, strategies, and information, check out this resource page.

December 2022

Here are some Pinterest updates from November 2022:

The rise of Standard Pins

While it seems like Idea Pins stole the show on Pinterest for quite some time, Standard Pins seem to be back in the spotlight, which is great news for bloggers on Pinterest.

Does this mean Idea Pins are dead? No. But they don’t seem to be getting as much reach as they once did. On the other hand, many bloggers are reporting that they are finally seeing rising stats on Standard Pins (such as outbound clicks) once again!

I have seen the reduced number of Idea Pins first-hand. On my accounts, Idea Pins do not seem to show up as much in my home feed, and search queries that were once filled with Idea Pins are starting to fill with Standard Pins.

This new shift in the distribution of pins has been coined as “Pinterest 3.0” by Pinterest marketer Jana O. Jana explains in her article that the re-emphasis on Standard Pins is just many of the ways Pinterest’s updated algorithm will focus on. Another thing she says is that saves and clicks will be even more important on Pinterest in 2023.

November 2022

Here are some Pinterest updates from November 2022:

The end of the Creator Rewards Program

In November 2022, Pinterest announced that its Creator Rewards Program would end on November 30, 2022. While this was a nice way for some creators to earn money on Pinterest, there are many other ways you can make money with Pinterest

Links on Idea Pins

Pinterest announced that they would be rolling out the highly-requested ability for people to tag URLs on Idea Pins.

Previously, pinners could only add outbound links to Idea Pins if they went to a product. This includes affiliate links to products, which is one of many ways that creators can monetize on Pinterest.

October 2022

Here are some Pinterest updates from October 2022:

Pinterest Trends revamp

Pinterest completely revamped Pinterest Trends, turning this already great Pinterest tool into a goldmine of valuable information!

For instance, you can now see trends your audience loves:

You can also now find new Pinterest keyword ideas with Pinterest Trends, and you can even see search volume data for them!

Expanded music library

Pinterest announced its partnership with Warner Music Group and Merlin, which expands the music library on Idea Pins for creators. These partnerships allow pinners to use a greater variety of music on their Idea Pins, such as music from Ed Sheeran, Anitta, and Silk Sonic.


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